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Good Bye F-22 and F-35 - Look The Air Force and Navy’s 6th Generation Stealth Fighter Programs

Published on 05 Jul 2020 / In Military

Good Bye F-22 and F-35 - Look The Air Force and Navy’s 6th Generation Stealth Fighter Programs

Though the program is full of promise, both branches have to prove to Congress that they’re worth it. Both the United States Air Force and the United States Navy have separate programs for getting a 6th generation fighter into the air.

The Air Force and the Navy both fly the 5th generation F-35 jet, with the Air Force also being the sole user of the F-22 Raptor, perhaps the world’s stealthiest jet fighter. Despite the airframe’s dominance, work is already underway on a 6th generation fighter.

Little is known about either the Navy or Air Force 6th generation fighter programs—and this worries the House Armed Services Committee. According to work done on the Fiscal Year 2021 defense policy bill, up to 85% of the funding requested for the NGAD programs could be withheld until an independent review is done. But what are the programs like? Though both branches’ programs share the same name, Next Generation Air Dominance, this is where the similarities likely end.

Navy Next Generation Air Dominance. The Navy effort is cloaked in mystery, though it would replace their F/A-18E/F Super Hornets. The Super Hornets are not particularly old, but the design is considered unstealthy despite measures made to reduce its radar cross section. Survivability at sea against stealthy aircraft in the future is questionable. The Navy’s replacement is tentatively called the F/A-XX.

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